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In a market where companies operate on huge global playing fields, with increasing financial complexity and constraints - we believe true value comes from being able to empower our clients to embrace innovation and drive their businesses forward. We do this by adding value through the one thing that can really stand us apart – People - their commitment, creativity, shared responsibility, expertise, insight and versatility.

We are honoured to be named the Best Bank in the World by Global Finance magazine in 2017.


A success story

IQ, talent and technique are often thought to be the Holy Grail, but that is not the whole story. Without a good work ethic, social intelligence and creativity you won’t get very far in business. Performance is the sum of the qualities you possess and those you need to work on.

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Our human equations

Excellence = Wellbeing x EQ

Research shows that improving how you eat, move, sleep and relax helps you feel and perform better. Executives are “corporate athletes.”  On the playing field, or in the boardroom, high  performance depends on wellbeing. Performing at a high level over the long haul, asks for training in the same systematic, multilevel way that world-class athletes do.

ING started a WQ journey, which seeks to empower our staff and clients to achieve a higher Wellbeing Quotient. Together with partners TomTom and Lifeguard, ING invites staff, friends, family and clients to join our journey around four elements: EAT, MOVE, SLEEP and RELAX.

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About ING Wholesale Banking

ING Wholesale Banking meets all banking needs of large corporations, multinationals and financial institutions. With a history that stretches back some 200 years, we have made a name for ourselves by helping clients build successful businesses. We do this by ensuring we understand your unique needs, by being a trusted advisor for the long term and by proactively creating innovative solutions and executing them flawlessly.

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