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Moving towards sustainability is not about achieving perfection. It is about achieving improvement. And at ING we reward improvement.

We want to help your business improve its sustainability performance and offer you the financial incentives to do so. A sustainability rating enables tracking progress, not only to assess today’s performance but also to map out tomorrow’s opportunities.

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Reaping the benefits of your sustainable improvement

Businesses that are recognised as sustainable will not only be rewarded by their clients and society, but – just as importantly – also by the companies they supply, by investors and by lenders.

Show the world you’re sustainable

Rating sustainability performance

Sustainable business presents opportunities for ING to work with clients in their transition towards tomorrow’s economy. Defining this journey together is very exciting. No longer is there only a focus on the financials – the wider cost to society is also being considered. And at ING Wholesale Banking, we are doing our bit to help businesses improve their sustainability performance.

Learn more about the sustainability improvement loan

ING & Sustainability

“Sustainability is one of the major focal points and an integral part of our bank’s strategy, as it is fundamental to our license to operate and the promise to our customers. In the very near future, the competitiveness of companies will be determined by their sustainability performance.

Companies that take appropriate actions to mitigate the risks of for instance a high carbon footprint will be valued higher than companies that don’t, all other things being equal. Industries, policy makers and banks, we all need to work together to make this happen.”

Isabel Fernandez, head of ING Wholesale Banking


For more information visit ingwb.com/sustainability

We are honoured to be named the Best Bank in the World by Global Finance magazine in 2017.


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